Trauma-Informed Home Practice

A trauma-informed yoga practice recognizes that traumatic experience can become lodged in one’s physical body, and can leave a lasting imprint on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional state. In general, trauma-informed yoga is intended to downregulate the nervous system so that the brain and body can begin to heal from the negative impacts of trauma. For this reason, a trauma-informed yoga practice is typically on the more gentle side, mindfulness based, and includes many options for modifying poses to fit the practitioner’s unique needs.

As you are developing your own trauma-informed home practice, we encourage you to listen to your body. Honor how you feel emotionally and physically, and recognize that practice may feel different this time than it did the last time (and that’s okay!). Allow yourself choices. Rest when you need to. Be kind and gentle with your body. 

Living Yoga offers trauma-informed yoga classes to 24 partner sites around the Portland Metro area, including these Living Yoga community classes open to all students looking for a trauma-informed, gentle practice.  

We are seeking funding to develop a home practice toolkit, including a home practice video and printable pdf.