Building Skills for Trauma Resiliency

Group Training with Living Yoga

Trauma and stress affect us all. Because the impacts are both physical and emotional, a mind-body approach is especially effective in helping staff and clients build resiliency in themselves and continue their important and challenging work.


Why Use Mind-Body Practices for Self-Care, Resiliency, and Employee Retention?

Yoga and mindfulness are evidence based: More than 40 published studies, including controlled clinical trials, report yoga’s positive benefits. Trauma-informed yoga and mind-body practices help to downregulate the nervous system, increase self-awareness, and support healthy responses to feelings of overwhelm. This Trauma Resiliency training will provide mind-body tools and techniques that immediately support staff's self-care, improving service delivery, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Our Trauma Resiliency Trainings Include:

  • Onsite, group experiential learning. 

  • Information on the physiological impacts of stress and trauma, and how to recognize them in yourself and others.

  • Accessible and tangible mind-body tools that attendees can put into practice immediately to support their own self-care and care of others.

  • Customizable curriculum adapted to meet your group's needs.

Who Can Benefit from Mind-Body Trauma Resiliency Training?

  • Social Workers

  • Educators

  • Health Care Providers

  • Child Welfare Workers

  • Nonprofit Staff

  • Yoga and Movement Instructors

  • Community Organizers and Advocacy Leaders

  • Corporate Wellness Committees and Employees

  • Anyone who has experienced trauma

  • Anyone who experiences chronic stress or demanding work

Trauma Resiliency Training Learning Objectives:

Living Yoga's Trauma Resiliency Training will explore how to use what we know about trauma (including vicarious trauma) and apply mind-body tools to create resilience and enhance our work. This training will be part lecture, and part experiential practice. Professional and personal examples will be used to see how opportunities to practice trauma-informed self care show up everyday.

Learning objectives will be customized for your audience and may include:

  • Understand how trauma effects the brain and body physiologically.

  • Address challenges to practicing self-care while doing time sensitive, stressful, and demanding work.

  • Be comfortable applying mindfulness, movement, and breathwork in a professional role with clients.

  • Build skills to recognize and respond to symptoms of stress or trauma in yourself and others, while avoiding re-traumatization.

  • Gain accessible, tangible tools that build distress tolerance, and help to minimize the negative physiological impacts of stress and trauma.

Our trainings are customizable: 

Living Yoga trainers each have 20+ years of experience educating and guiding others in this practice. They are skilled at adapting content and approach to meet the unique needs of your group. For example, a training for those who work in addiction treatment and recovery might also include the following learning objectives:

  • Understand how addiction and recovery affect the brain & body.

  • Practice skills that increase capacity to manage cravings.

  • Develop a three-part tool kit for recovering moment to moment.

Payment and Scheduling:

Living Yoga’s Trauma Resiliency Trainings are offered on a sliding scale basis. Our sliding scale payment system allows our trainings to be obtained at multiple price points based on organizational financial circumstances.

For questions and scheduling, please contact

This training increased my skills for self care and awareness of trauma for myself and others. I will share a lot of the information and practices back to my agency staff and the participants we work with.
— - Trauma-Resiliency Training Participant, Multnomah County Health Department
The trainers are supportive, committed and knowledgeable. I can feel the passion and love they all share for this program. It’s an inspiration. I am so grateful. 
— Living Yoga Trainee