Trauma Resiliency Workshops

Understanding trauma and the negative impacts it can have on an individual is crucial to creating a trauma-sensitive environment in your place of work, school, or healthcare facility. Living Yoga’s professional and personal workshops are aimed at supporting self-care and increasing trauma resiliency with your clients, employees, and yourself.

Our workshops are customizable to fit your needs.

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Available Workshops: 


Drawing on the latest research, we will explore how to use what we know about trauma (including vicarious trauma) and how yoga and mindfulness can reinforce and create resilience to enhance out work. Professional and personal examples will be used to see how opportunities to practice show up in even the most typical day. This two hour workshop will be part lecture, part experiential practice. 

  • Learn how trauma effects the brain. 
  • Build skills to recognize and alleviate overwhelm. 
  • Practice skills to build trauma resiliency. 


We stress the importance of self-care to our clients, but what about us? This workshop invites us to practice what we preach as we stretch our self-care practice. Using mindfulness, movement, and breathwork, we will explore the benefits and challenges to practicing self-care while doing time sensitive, stressful, and demanding work. This 2 hour workshop will be part discussion, part-experiential practice.

  • Discuss barriers to self-care.
  • Learn how mindfulness and relaxation can enhance productivity.
  • Practice skills to support yourself and your clients.


Are you curious about how to better care for yourself? Have you ever considered what well-being means to you? Come explore practices that support wellness and to connect you to your “relaxed self”. Using awareness, gentle movement, and relaxation we will explore how to develop habits that increase well-being. This 2 hour workshop will begin with discussion, offer time for self-inquiry, and will culminate in a guided relaxation practice.

  • Create a personal definition of well-being.
  • Learn skills to enhance well-being.
  • Explore the healing of guided relaxation.


Would you like to understand how addiction affects your brain? Do you want to increase your capacity to manage moods, emotions, and cravings? Come explore what it means to be a true warrior- discover how to ground and connect to your own strength. This 2 hour workshop focuses on building strength and resolve during recovery through the use of mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation.

  • Learn how addiction and recovery affects your brain and body.
  • Practice skills to build distress tolerance.
  • Develop a three-part tool kit for recovering moment to moment.

The trainers are supportive, committed and knowledgeable. I can feel the passion and love they all share for this program. It’s an inspiration. I am so grateful. 
— Living Yoga Trainee