Who We Are

Our Mission

Fostering healing and resilience through trauma-informed yoga.

We Believe: 

  • All of us are more than our worst behaviors.

  • Within each of us is the capacity for good, and when our goodness is reflected back to us, we thrive.

  • The health of any community is dependent on the health of all its members.

  • People can change with love, encouragement, mentorship, and support.

  • Service to others benefits both the giver and the receiver.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is any event that overwhelms a person, physically or emotionally, and the imprint that the event leaves on the person’s mind, body, and being.

Why Yoga?

Those impacted by trauma do not feel safe in their bodies, leading them to disconnect from their physical and emotional feelings. Yoga allows for physical self-awareness, noticing the physical sensations in the body and how those sensations may change as we move, breathe, or become still.

How We Work

We provide trauma-informed services and resiliency training in order to ensure all individuals have the tools to heal from the impacts of trauma, prevent re-traumatization, and realize their full potential.   

We do this by training volunteers to provide trauma-informed yoga classes in corrections and reentry, addiction and recovery, and community health; and by training community members and care providers to recognize and respond to symptoms of trauma. 

Living Yoga Team

Lauren Booth.JPG

Lauren Booth   

Executive Director

Lauren has dedicated 15+ years of service to the nonprofit sector, serving as Executive Director, direct service provider, volunteer, and board member. She is honored to work alongside Living Yoga’s thriving community and is passionate about bringing the healing power of yoga to those who need it most. She earned her Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management from PSU and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Denver.


Mimi Clinton 

Community Outreach & Support

Mimi is a former student, current volunteer, and employee for Living Yoga. Living Yoga changed her life and carried her through a difficult time in 2013-2015.  Since then she has made it her mission to find ways to give back and share all that she has received through Living Yoga.  Mimi is actively involved in the recovery community.
She is very involved and passionate about the work that Living Yoga does in the community and is honored to be a part of this incredible organization. 

Avery Lewis.jpeg

Avery Lewis 

Events & Communications Manager

Avery brings ten years of nonprofit management, event planning and fundraising experience to Living Yoga. She is a graduate of The Movement Center's 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in Portland, Oregon and holds a BA in International Development Studies from The Ohio State University. Avery is honored and excited to be a part of the Living Yoga community and to contribute to Living Yoga’s transformational programs.

Angelina Vasile Photp.jpg

Angelina Vaslie     


Angelina has been teaching movement and healing arts since 2001. She holds a BA in Dance and Performance Choreography, is a certified Pilates instructor (2001) and a certified Forrest Yoga teacher (2007). Her style incorporates her love for anatomy and alignment, athletics, movement therapy, Chinese medicine, Vipassana meditation, Muy Thai kickboxing, Pilates, modern dance, Vinyasa, and Forrest Yoga.

Liz Eisman.jpg

Liz Eisman

Program & Training Manager

Liz has been connected to Living Yoga since 2001. She started as one of the original volunteers and then became a part of the volunteer training team. She is a massage therapist and dedicated student of yoga. She combines her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with mindfulness and communication, mentoring yoga teachers individually and in groups. She creates safety, meets people where they are, and gently leads them to their growing edge.

Chris Terjeson.jpg

Chris Terjeson 

Volunteer Coordinator

Chris started practicing yoga in 2011 and received her RYT- 200 hr in 2012 from The Movement Center in NE Portland. The Movement Center philosophy of “start where you are” has always resonated with her, and is a familiar phrase in her classes.  Chris is excited to combine her knack for organizing and love for teaching yoga and supporting volunteers. She is grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of Living Yoga’s healing mission.

Hirsh photo Revival.jpg

Christopher Hirsh

Social Media Specialist

Christopher is an artist, justice activist, content creator, and intuitive healer. He works in movement modalities primarily as a theatre artist and incorporates trauma-informed healing techniques as a vocal empowerment coach. He enjoys twice daily Transcendental Meditation and spends his free time writing poetry, taking photographs and reading. He is deeply honored to be a part of the team at Living Yoga and to give voice to the mission that provides support and healing for so many in this community. 


Guest Trainers


Michelle Johnson

Guest Trainer

Michelle is a social justice warrior, empath, yoga teacher and practitioner. Whether in an anti-oppression training, yoga space, individual or group intuitive healing session, healing and wholeness are at the center of how she approaches all of her work. Her awareness of the world through her experience as a black woman allows her to know, first hand how privilege and power operate.

harry (1).jpg

Harry Dudley, Psy. D

Guest Trainer

Harry is a forensic and clinical psychologist who has been a Living Yoga volunteer instructor since 2007.


Nancy Williams

Guest Trainer

Nancy was Living Yoga’s Volunteer Coordinator from 2008 through 2015, and a volunteer instructor since 2002. Nancy is a long time yoga practitioner and lifelong community activist, and is grateful to have the opportunity to contribute personally and professionally to Living Yoga’s mission.




Board of Directors

Sue Aicher Photo.jpg

Sue Aicher


Sue is a neuroscientist and she works at Oregon Health & Science University. She is a volunteer teacher at Living Yoga and joined the board in December 2013.


Cameron Mayer

Vice President

Cameron is a technologist and leader who brings his experience at Fortune 500 companies and as a business owner to support Living Yoga. He joined the board in 2017.

Alan McCollom Photo.jpg

Alan McCollom


Alan joined the Living Yoga board in 2015. He is a patent lawyer and brings his prior non-profit board expertise to support Living Yoga.


Judith Sugg,  Ph.D.


Judy uses mindfulness practices in her work with AIM for Organizational Health.  She is a yoga teacher, counselor, and psychology instructor, and has written four books about addictions treatment and transforming conflict with mindfulness.

Sara Morrow Photo.jpg

Sarah Morrow

Sara is a recruiter at Google. She joined the board the fall of 2012 after teaching and volunteering for Living Yoga since January of 2009.


Chris Calarco Photo.jpg

Chris Calarco

Chris is a local Portland yoga instructor and owner of The Breathe Building, an Earth Advantage Certified commercial event space that is home to Yoga Union, Prema Health, and Fern Kitchen. He worked as a Child and Family Therapist in social service agencies and schools before becoming a yoga instructor. He joined the board in June of 2016.


Lisa Howley

Lisa is an attorney who practices complex litigation at Holland & Knight's Portland office. She is also a yoga instructor certified in therapeutic yoga and has been a volunteer teacher with Living Yoga since 2014.


Isabelle Sinclair

Isabelle joined the board mid-2018 as a former Living Yoga student, and after having taken classes for several years, is now volunteering as a teacher with Trillium Family Services. She is currently studying Math and Russian at Reed College.

Advisory Board

Sherrie Barger Photo.jpg

Sherrie Barger

Past Board Member

Sherrie is an educational and organizational consultant. She has been an active volunteer with Living Yoga for four years, and was instrumental in starting a community garden at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

Harry Dudley Photo.jpg

Harry Dudley, Psy. D

Past Board Member

Harry is a forensic and clinical psychologist who has been a Living Yoga volunteer instructor since 2007.

Chip Gettinger Photo.jpg

Chip Gettinger

Past Board Member

Chip is Vice President of XML Solutions for SDL International. Chip joined the Living Yoga board in 2011, and before moving to Portland was board chairman of a non-profit organization that worked with at-risk youth using a combination of wilderness skills, yoga, and meditation in Oakland, CA.


Living Yoga Founder

Sarajoy Marsh Photo.jpg

Sarajoy Marsh

Living Yoga Founder

Sarajoy is the founder of Living Yoga and the DAYA Foundation. She has a background in mental health, transpersonal counseling, art therapy, and group dynamics. She specializes in yoga for rehabilitation, yoga for addiction, and yoga for adaptive medical conditions.