Ways to Join Our Social Justice Culture Initiatives

Participate in a small Racial Affinity Group, or as an individual!


"Moments of awareness can create a lifetime of justice."

Living Yoga

Monthly Outline:

  1. Join a group via the button below, create your own, or work alone if you prefer.

    • Estimated time 3-5 hours spread out over a month.

    • Remember that a podcast on the way to work, a 5 min conversation with a co-worker, or 20 min of reading all add up!

  2. Living Yoga will provide a Topic and Inspiration Quote.

  3. Spend an hour or two with the resource materials on your own.

    • If you don’t have large blocks of time, we suggest starting with 15 or 20 min at a time!

  4. Come together in a small Racial Affinity Group, or set aside solo time, to process.

    • Living Yoga will provide discussion prompts related to the topic. For example:

      • How has this topic shown up in your life?

      • A prompt specific to the topic’s impact on your body and/or breath.

      • A prompt specific to the content of the topic.


Attend one of our Quarterly Community Building Potluck Events!

3-4 times a year we will gather in larger community.

The intention for these will be to bond and build relationships. These events will be loosely organized by Living Yoga in potluck style. Any individuals or small racial affinity groups participating in our Social Justice Culture Initiative will be invited, as well as the community at large. Yum!


Ongoing support can be found here!

We will keep a record of the resources provided, as well as list any and all resources found to be of benefit in our community.

If you have additional questions, or need support, please email our Equity and Inclusion Facilitator, Christopher Hirsh, at the below address: