The Yogathon 2019 #AccessYogaProject


Living Yoga is excited to collaborate with you on our 2019 Yogathon


Yogathon is an amazing time of community for Living Yoga. We are a small non-profit with a large impact driven by an even larger community of supporters. This abundance is never more visible than during the month of Yogathon.

For 2019, we want to give back in a very specific way: we are going to challenge ourselves and our community to recognize and address opportunities for increased accessibility in yoga.

This is an opportunity to engage in dialogue, share experiences, learn from each other’s successes and failures, and stimulate growth.

Leading up to Yogathon and throughout the month of April, we will be sharing weekly Access Yoga Challenges on our Instagram and Facebook. These tips, tools, and prompts are designed to deepen and empower our classes and personal practice.


This is a dialogue about YOGA accessibility and economic access.

This is a dialogue about creating safe and welcoming spaces for Black and Indigenous people, for People of Color, for Transgender and Gender non-conforming people, for people with all body types and levels of athleticism.

This is a dialogue about creating consciously non-appropriative spaces and practices.


This is taking our practice off of the mat.

If you are a yoga instructor, you have the power to lead practices and hold spaces that are accessible and inclusive to varying backgrounds, body types, ability levels, and needs. This project will empower you with resources and inspiration to adopt inclusive and trauma-informed techniques into your classes.

If you are a student or practice yoga, you have the right to practice in a way that meets your needs. This project will empower you to identify what support and tools you need and how to fully access them.

This is a for you/by you project. Comment on our posts, or here on the blog, and tell us what worked, what didn’t work, where you felt like you needed support, or other insights. Conversation, storytelling, experimentation, and play are the building blocks of growth and community!

Combined, we have a treasure trove of knowledge and truly limitless potential.

Together, and with practice, we can create a yoga culture in Portland that is truly inclusive, trauma-informed, and accessible.

If you have any questions about the #AccessYogaProject or how to get involved please email us at

Thank you all, we love you!

-The team at Living Yoga