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"It was touching to know that someone cared enough to be there! ...I began to heal and deal with the grief. Having the support of the volunteers (teachers) it was one of the major reasons I was able to make it through, as a whole person. …Living Yoga was a huge part of that."

-Student, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

Dear friend,

I’m writing to ask for your support in helping me bring the gift of safety, love and connection to people who need it most. Don’t worry, it’s something you can do quickly and easily.

For the next month, I am participating in a Yogathon to raise money for Living Yoga, a nonprofit in Portland, OR, that brings the healing power of yoga to youth and adults in prison, alcohol and drug treatment centers, mental health programs, and other community services.

They teach more than 30 trauma-informed yoga classes per week in institutions in the Greater Portland area. They help build a community for those who are vulnerable, marginalized, and impacted by trauma, by bringing them access to the healing powers of yoga.

Living Yoga relies on contributions from folks like you and me, and the dedication of more than 130 trained volunteer yoga teachers, to keep their programs going – year after year since 1998.

You probably know I love yoga. It’s no secret. What you may not know is how much it’s changed my life. <Insert briefly how yoga has helped you through challenging times, or other gifts the practice has given to you.>

Because I know the change and healing that is possible through yoga, I want to be sure that others who need this practice most can have access to it. I hope you can join me in donating to Living Yoga. If you can give $10, $25, even $50, you can help me and Living Yoga in transforming lives. And, your donation will be matched $1 for $1, thanks to a grant from the Quest Foundation, up to $20,000.

You can join me in transforming a life like a former student in the prison, who says Living Yoga classes helped her find ‘connection’ through a dark time in her life. “…It was my medicine, it kept me sane …it gave me purpose, an outlet, and hope… it was an incredible thing… I felt loved.” When individuals start finding love and compassion within, that’s when we see increased safety and love in the world around us too.

Please join me in bringing more safety, love and connection into the world by supporting Living Yoga.

In gratitude,

<Sign here>


P.S. You can give online easily and securely by visiting my online donation page (insert link here).