Thank you for your interest in Living Yoga’s services and how we may work together to help change lives!

We are currently at capacity with the number of organizations and individuals that we serve.  If you wish to be updated when our capacity changes, please complete the questionnaire below.  To join our mailing list to receive Living Yoga's monthly newsletter, please click here.  You are also welcome to attend our continuing education workshops to meet our trainers and to learn more about our program.

Living Yoga strives to ensure that the teaching of yoga is a successful experience for both the students that we serve and our volunteer teachers. Therefore, we proactively assess the needs and capacity of Living Yoga and your organization in order to enhance the opportunities for success for all concerned.

There are a number of factors that we consider when evaluating a potential partnership.  Included below are a few of the areas we consider.

  • Mission and Program Match - We seek to partner with organizations and facilities that will integrate the Living Yoga class as part of, and complementary to, their program's work and mission.
  • Population(s) Served - We serve students who otherwise might not have access to yoga, including (but not limited to), youth and adults in prison or detention facilities, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and community transitional service programs.
  • Infrastructure for a Living Yoga Class - We ask that our partners provide staff support for the class, and a space conducive to a yoga practice.
  • Student Base - We seek to have at least six students for our yoga class.
  • Volunteer Availability - All Living Yoga classes are taught by trained volunteers.  Our volunteer yoga teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, yet all are active yoga practitioners and have completed Living Yoga's 17 hour trauma-informed yoga teacher training to prepare them for service at our partner sites.

You can view the organizations that we work with HERE.

We look forward to learning more about your program.  Thank you again for your interest!



What our partners say:

"We have partnered with Living Yoga since February 2009. Living Yoga teaches and provides our youth with healthy coping skills, mindfulness, exercise, positive change, new tools for change within self, and self-awareness. Multnomah County Juvenile Detention practices trauma informed care. Living Yoga is trauma informed care.

Some of the positive outcomes we see for those individuals attending Living Yoga classes are improved moods, decreased stress levels and utilizing relaxation skill that they have learned. Some of our youth with anger issues, trouble sleeping, high energy and anxiety have started using breathing and relaxation techniques that Living Yoga instructors have taught them, such as Savasana (resting pose) with the body scan, Dragon’s breath, Lion’s breath, alternate nostril breathing, Lengthening the Exhalation, moving the belly with the breath, listen/feel the breath, etc..."

Tami Cox, Lead JCSS, JCSS Trainer, Gender Responsiveness Programming, Multnomah County Juvenile Detention Center




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