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Volunteers are the heart of our work. Volunteers serve as teachers, board members, event planners and office support. We are committed to creating a community that supports healing and resiliency in our students, volunteers, staff, and partner organizations.  Current opportunities include:

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Office Support
  • Event Support/Fundraising



    Teaching yoga in the Living Yoga classroom can be challenging and also incredibly rewarding.  Because of this we encourage applicants who have a high level of commitment, skill, and capacity for compassion. We are looking for long-term volunteers to teach trauma-informed yoga classes for a minimum commitment of twice per month for 12-18 months.  We provide 17-hour teacher training focused on teaching trauma-informed class to our students, demonstrating leadership, and providing support. We also create community through our events and Continuing Education Program, which offers ongoing education, support, instruction, and opportunities for growth and self-enhancement. Learn more here.


    We are looking for short and long term volunteers to do one-time projects or weekly, monthly or quarterly program support.  This work is usually completed M-F 9am-5pm in the Living Yoga office.  There are other opportunities like graphic design or phone work that can be done off-site, and with flexible hours


    Join one of our planning committees or just work the day of the event and offer your planning and execution expertise to support our biggest fundraising efforts, including our annual Gala and Yogathon.

    Fill out a volunteer application and we'll get back to you with ways to get involved! For more information about Living Yoga Volunteer Opportunities or to get involved, please contact Chris Terjeson, Volunteer Coordinator at 503-546-1269 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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