Roots LOGO1Introducing Living Yoga’s Monthly Giving Program “Roots”.

Our Roots monthly giving program provides ongoing support and nourishment for Living Yoga’s life-changing classes to youth and adults in correctional facilities, drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities and social service agencies.

For as little as $9 a month, less than a typical drop-in yoga class, you can ensure access to classes and provide hope to those in transition. Help create lasting positive change for those looking to turn their lives around.

Sign up today  for our monthly giving program and feel good about bringing yoga to those who need it most! Be sure to select the monthly giving option in the drop down menu!

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Why should you become a monthly donor?

Read about why Kristina became a monthly donor

Benefits to you:

Feel good- It’s scientifically proven that when you give you feel good!

Affordability- You can make a larger gift in smaller payments!

Flexibility- You can adjust, change, or stop at anytime!

Join a community!

Benefits to us:

Stability- Provides an enduring source of support to fuel our classes and outreach.

Reduced costs- Recurring gifts can be more easily processed than single donations, helping to ensure our time is spent with students and not on fundraising-helping your gifts to transform more lives!

Give today because it feels good. Give because it transforms lives. Give because as one life changes the world changes. As one life heals, a ripple is created touching everything in its path making our community a happier, healthier, and safer place to live.


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