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Rita, one of our dedicated volunteer teachers describes a recent class at one of our partner sites:

"I taught the SAGE class solo for the first time, and it went really well. Our class has been moved to the cafeteria, which has a really positive impact on the class participation and energy. Before, we taught the class in their living space with the TV, which gets turned off when class starts. That instantly creates some resistance to practicing, and by being in a new TV-less space, the girls are there to practice yoga and did! Five girls and one staff participated in class. One girl came in late and one left sick. With the exception of one girl who tended to lay on her mat until the end of class, everyone participated fully.

I start off each class with introductions, what they like or think about yoga, and what is going on with bodies that I should know about. All girls have some experience with yoga; many outside of their Living Yoga experience. One girl shared that since she’s gotten fat she cannot do yoga, and I pointed out that I’m proof that yoga is for every body. I am a fat middle-aged Latina. I shared that people of all sizes, ages and abilities do yoga and that it is not just for skinny, young, white women. One girl who has been doing yoga since she was 11 talked about knowing a man who is paralyzed and has a yoga practice that has helped him regain some movement in his feet. I told them about an inspiring yogi Jessamyn who I follow on Instagram. She’s fat and African-American, just like the girl who said she can’t do yoga. It was a great discussion.

There was essential oils, laughing (involving a fart, gotta love teaching teens!), goddess pose (told them it's because we are goddesses) and a savasana with chimes I brought. At the end, everyone was relaxed, eyes closed, as I moved the chimes and guided them in relaxation. It was so beautiful to hold the space for these girls to rest and be cherished."

Rita, thank you for your dedication to these girls and to Living Yoga. You are inspiring!


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