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September is National Recovery Month and to give thanks to our amazing recovery partner sites, we want to highlight their unique work. Our first spotlight is on Lifeline Conections who helps treats substance abuse and mental illness. We asked Lifeline a few questions about yoga and recovery and here is what they said:

  • How do you see yoga helping on the path to recovery? The lives of individual who struggle with substance use are usually out of balance in many areas. Yoga allows the individual to stop and be in the moment. Yoga provides another tool that the patient can add to their tool box to help bring life into balance. Yoga increases the oxygen flow, allows the individual to stop and connect with the world around them, join with others in a positive social environment, and set specific goals.
  • What do your students like most about Living Yoga's classes? They like how they feel after the class. Some comments include peaceful, calm, happy.
  • Is there anything you would want to say to our volunteers/donors/supporters?  THANK YOU!  Living Yoga provides a valuable service to our patients. Our focus at Lifeline Connections is wellness. Our wellness initiative includes being a tobacco free facility, providing pet-therapy, quality nutritious meals and snacks, a structured day including 8 hours of sleep, once a week faith-based services (optional), and physical activity along with the medical and clinical services provided. Thus, bringing the physical, emotional, and spiritual being into balance. 

Interested in volunteering at Lifeline Connections or one of our other partner sites? Click here for info!


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