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cycleOne of our long time, dedicated volunteers, Ivy Katz, shares a heart-warming story about one of her classes last week at Trillium Family Services, Edwards School:

Great class this morning at Trillium Edwards School, there were 5 kids and one staff member. Two of the kids sat out for most of the class, but were still very present and following along in their own way. The other 3 and the staff member were very engaged throughout the whole class. Each kid went around sharing any requests they had for class, which included, "doing more active stuff, big stretches, and a guided meditation". I began the class talking about how everything happens in cycles, seasons, and our experiences are also like this. First we might have an awareness or something we notice in the present which could be a body sensation, thought, feeling etc. and then we take an action. Then comes satisfaction and then comes completion or rest. I explained how we sometimes get "stuck" along the way when we struggle with some part of the cycle. And for each of us it might be very different.

For some of us we might struggle with noticing something in the present, which then might lead to the "wrong " action, and we don't feel satisfied and therefore never complete. I weaved this idea through the class which seemed to make a lot of sense to them. I noticed everyone really paying attention to their own experience and then making the "right" choice. I also weaved in how our bodies can remind us that we are all different as well as similar and that is a good thing. Even in our own bodies we feel this, noticing differences on both sides during the same pose. We did some seated shapes to start, and then quite a few standing poses, lunges, warrior two, triangle, dancer's pose, and even crow. A pretty full spectrum class, and ended with a nice guided shavasana.

At the end, everyone thanked me before leaving the class. The kids who sat our for a lot of it participated in the breathing and the meditation. They stayed engaged in their own way. One of the kids who participated the whole time moving, for many weeks would not participate. It's nice to have kids for a long time and see these shifts. It was a sweet morning!

Thank you for your service to our community, Ivy!


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