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A couple of our newest volunteer teachers who completed Living Yoga's teacher training in June 2016,  shared their thoughts on what it's like to experience the training first hand:
"Living Yoga trains teachers to meet diverse students with patience and friendliness exactly where they are. And the trainers teach by example as they meet the trainees exactly where THEY are. Positive affirmations and encouragement reverberate through the training. The goodness burbles to the top and becomes the dominant message--"don't and shouldn't" lose power and fall away without being called out. One phrase spoken during the training that has become a mantra for me is, "If you are breathing and paying attention, you are practicing yoga." I have always believed that yoga is for every body, and now I have some wonderful additional tools for helping others to more deeply believe and understand the truth of that. Since this training, I've found that in all of my classes I have more compassion for everyone present doing the best they can with the tools, energy and information available to them. My understanding of a felt sense of compassion has deepened. Even if I wasn't planning to teach within Living Yoga's special populations I would recommend this training as a beautiful place to learn to "live yoga."" -Jerri Clarke
"I really appreciated the focus on working with group dynamics. Through the training staffs role-plays, watching current Living Yoga volunteers co-teach, practicing co-teaching, and taking quick turns teaching in groups, I felt a clear, spacious, quality relationship being upheld." -Anonymous
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