This year we personally selected 19 local teachers with a strong voice and presence in our yoga community, whom we believe align with our values and support the work we are doing in the community. Learn more about these wonderful and amazing teachers helping to spread the word about LY!


Angelina headshots 062 214x300 Angelina Vasile
During this Yogathon I will use my yoga practice to focus on service, specifically, investigating how the skills, lessons and healing I receive on the yoga mat translate into usable action to reach out and serve my greater community, locally and globally. My yoga and meditation practice has helped me to expand my capacity for action; I have greater strength, energy and patience and I want to use it for good, not just to evolve myself, but to truly engage in serving others.


New Composition 2016 07 30 16 19 14 Matthew Weatherman
Matthew is a student and teacher of yoga who is excited to be actively participating in the Living Yoga Yogathon. His Men's classes at his home-studio offer those who identify as male a safe space to begin their yoga journey in comfort and with the support they need to thrive.


audraresize Audra Carmine
Yoga is interested in our fullest potential. Our fullest potential does not always mean the easiest way through, or the path of least resistance, in fact sometimes it means burning our way toward the center, toward the heart of the matter in service to connection with ourselves, the world, and spirit. When this connection to our fullest potential begins to be explored, on the mat, as well as in the chop-wood-carry-water of our daily lives, we become more awake to the possibility of freedom, joy and self-transformation.


chrisresize Chris Calarco
My intention is to more frequently remember the big, beautiful dance of being human and its confounding ways. I practice to have a better chance at surrendering attachment to success and the shaming of failure. We will all lose our way. May the reckoning bring us back to ourselves and to all the hearts.


pam 0 Pam Blair
The Yogathon is an opportunity to CONNECT for me. To connect with my practice. To connect with my community. And to connect with a greater purpose of selfless service.


emily Emily Dalsfoist
Nature and yoga are two of the most potent supports for my mental, physical and emotional well being. I feel privileged and blessed to have this source healing and renewal at my fingertips. My intent throughout this year's Yogathon is to get outside and practice yoga in nature every day. Whether it's deep breathing, a walking meditation or physical asana, I'll be out there. I hope to see you out there too!



rogerresize Roger McKeever
My yoga practice recently has been about slowing down, creating space, and moving through the world with grace. My asana practice has quieted to reveal a deeper, more subtle layer of awareness where I find the essence of consciousness shimmering inside and all around me. As I find a more tranquil pace in my practice on the mat, I also find that same pace spilling over into my teaching, my relationships and my life choices. I’m learning through this extraordinary practice what it means to live yoga.


yogi spotlight rosie acosta Rosie Acosta
As a Yoga and Meditation teacher I have become an expert at helping my students cultivate a life of mindfulness, presence, and bold intentions. My goal is to guide students into experiencing a deeper connection with themselves and exploring the consistent changes of life while creatively weaving in spiritual elements of yoga into their own practice and experience. I am a big advocate on RADICAL SELF-LOVE and use this as a guiding force to overcome adversity. I have been a huge supporter of Living Yoga and have been an ambassador for the last two years and it's always an honor to be a part of such an incredible community of yogis. This community continues to inspire me to do the work that I do, and shows me the magic of this practice.


tonyresize Tony Roberts
Living Yoga brings yoga to marginalized communities every day. During Yogathon, in my personal practice, or leading classes throughout Portland it is my intention to invite each student into a deeper sense of gratitude for the practice of yoga and to remind students of the mission and purpose of Living Yoga. Yoga and the activities of Living Yoga can change lives.



alexterriresize Alex and Terri Cole
Our intention for this next month is to dive into Gratitude. Dive into it every moment. Dive into it, heart and soul! We have gratitude for our bodies that allow us to move with ease. Gratitude for this amazing practice that has changed our lives in more ways than can be expressed. Gratitude for a community of “seekers” who challenge themselves on a daily basis and inspire the world. We are GRATEFUL for being born in a place that allows us the privilege to “dig in”, discover who we are and how we need to live in this world. We are grateful for our mind-blowin' family, "the kula" and for the generous and caring work of Living Yoga!


IG Jill Two 1 Jill Knouse
My practice during the Living Yoga Yogathon and beyond is deeply focused on compassion, empathy and love in action.


DSC 0775 Jessica Garay
My intention in practice always distills down to connection. I am interested in creating and helping to facilitate connection within ourselves to our bodies through yoga, to our hearts and spirit through energetic medicine, meditation, and mindfulness, and connection to each other, in community, and in our shared human experience of journeying back home to ourselves and the divine. This is our deepest challenge and learning to see ourselves and each other as whole and deserving is needed now more than ever.


IMG 56921249430180 Coco Hoyne
My intention for this month of practice is to ignite my passion and dive deep into what fuels me. I want to stay hungry for self growth and a mindful practice that transmutes off the mat and into my daily life.


 5D 9557 Ginny Kauffman
I’ve recently re-discovered Kundalini Yoga for my personal practice. I have absolutely LOVED the way I feel, and especially the transformative effects of the pranayama, after this practice. I will continue Kundalini several times a week during Yogathon and beyond!


IMG 4124 1 Heather Shaw
There is a saying that wisdom and compassion are like two wings of a bird - a heartfelt wish to end suffering and a clear enough understanding of its causes to be effective in doing so. As a student of yoga, meditation and contemplative psychology, I believe that our practice provides us with the ideal training ground to access the balanced heart/mind of an enlightened altruist-that it is our willingness of our shared humanity that gives birth to the fearlessness of a true warrior. It is my intention to use the challenges I meet (on the mat, in relationships and in the world) as fuel for waking up; to pay attention, be gentle and stay open.


IMG 3068 Kris Olson
My classes rely on the tools the practice of yoga offers us. Breath, movement and meditation help clarify and remind us what is real and what is important for us individually and as a community.


Untitled Nola Mandels
After completing my Trauma informed training with Living Yoga, I did some reflecting, and one thing that stayed with me in the following days and weeks was the word connection. Using this practice to connect to individuals of all demographics, races, genders, etc... When we expose a part of ourselves that we may struggle with or is personally hard for ourselves, it gives others the chance to connect. When we show vulnerability, which is at times painfully difficult, it can create similarities between people, a sense of camaraderie. I know for myself this is huge. I will continue to show up, teach, practice, show vulnerability with my strengths and weaknesses and with that I hope to find connection to students everywhere. I want students to recognize they are not alone in how they feel, and we can create space to acknowledge all that is.


YogaPearl044of160 Emily Dumphy Oliva
My intention for the Yogathon is to remind people that the work of Living Yoga ties us all together as a community, whether we practice yoga or not. I will dedicate my personal practice to spreading the word about the LY mission and to raise money to support this important goal. *Photo credit to Christy Cassano Photography*